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take action. on the universal background check that my colleague, senator manchin, has spoken about just a short time ago and that he has authored with senator toomey, we can choose a bipartisan commonsense measure. not everything that i would hope be in a background check measure but a genuinely important improvement on current law. we know background checks have worked on the 60% of sales where they've been applied because they've stopped about 2 million felons and other dangerous people who are prohibited by law from buying weapons to actually go into stores and purchase them. now, i understand the argument that we need more prosecutions and existing laws need to be enforced more vigorously, and as a prosecutor i'm very sympathetic toward that argume argument, and i will support zealously more resources and even better management to result in more prosecutions. we need to enforce existing laws more effectively, but that goal should not stop us from improving those laws, especially when law enforcement itself, our police and prosecutors at every level -- state, federal, local -- u
manchin of west virginia, republican pat toomey on the deal nobody loves but might embrace. and one of the republicans' promising faces is all in, marco rubio on whether he can coax into supporting immigration reform. and the politics of tragedy, a 2016 republican reaching out beyond the party base and the president's budget, does he want a grand compromise or a big midterm campaign issue all with our political panel. i'm candy crowley and this is "state of the union." >>> secretary john kerry made a final stop in asia today meeting with japanese leaders and urging north korea to bring their nuclear rhetoric to a peaceful end. >> hopefully north korea will hear our words and recognize that for the future of its people and for the future stability in the region as well as on the peninsula itself there is a clear course of action that they are invited to take. >> joining me now arizona senator john mccain. senator, when you put this in context of the history of north korea with the grandfather kim jong-un, with the father of kim jong-un, can you tell me whether this is more serious, l
. a deal was worked out between democrat joe manchin and republican pat toomey on expanding background checks. joe manchin, who is a gun positive democrat from west virginia with an a rating from the nra has been looking to make a deal like this for months, ever since the massacre of sandy hook elementary school in december. he made it clear he wanted to work on gun safety not from republicans in the aisle but in the room at the negotiating table. he was pretty optimistic the nra would cooperate. >> i want to call our friends at nra and bring them into it. they have to be at the table. we all have to. i'm telling you, i believe this is a time for all of us to sit down and move in a responsible manner. thick they will. >> that was joe manchin speaking on this network december 17th, three days after the sandy hook massacre. here's what happened next, even as joe manchin was inviting them into the fold the nra was fighting background checks with all their might. in multiple public appearances wayne lapierre called it as an unworkable nightmare of bureaucracy offered up by public elites. j
for later this morning after senators joe manchin and pat toomey suggested a compromise on background checks. both conservatives and liberals are criticizing the budget plan. speaker boehner said he's impressed with parts of the plan. is this the first step towards an agreement? we're just hours away from a vote on a gun violence bill in the senate. it will allow the debate to begin on the senate floor. it will be the background check compromise from senator joe manchin and toomey. it does not call for checks between family members and neighbors. bipartisan compromise is giving legislation new life. they both have a ratings from the nra. they say it's the right thing to do. >> i'm a gun owner. and the rights that aren sidelined in the second amendment are very important to me personally. my record shows this. i've got to tell you candidly i don't consider criminal background checks to be gun control. i think it's just common sense. if you pass a criminal background check you get to buy a gun. it's no problem. it's the people who fail, criminal or mental health background check we don't want
.c., with the president talking about his budget, we have senators toomey and manchin, we also expect and anticipate something on immigration reform this week, what do you think is going to be the hot button topic of dinner conversation tonight when you're at the white house. >> i think it's going to be the debt and deficit, it's going to be spending, reform of social security and medicare, that is the big issue that we have got to face. this is the year where we can face it politically, because it's an offyear politically, we have got some time to concentrate on it. the answers are there if we're willing to seek them out and find them. >> there's talk that the white house is kind of seen as kind of being aloof when dealing with the right. we know that this is the second dinner that the president has said with elected leaders, the second being out on the town and going to the white house itself. do you think this helps repair the reception versus reality that there can be good debate, intelligent debate between the left and the right? >> i think this is a sincere effort by the president, we'll find
to meet, republican from tennessee, and senator manchin. senator toomey from pennsylvania and senator manchin from west virginia, a democrat. the citizens committee for the rights to keep and bear arms to other amendments dealing with banning assault weapons, conceal carry permits and hide ammunition clips expected to come up with what is expected to be a weeks long to be. see live coverage this morning at 10 a.m. eastern right here on c-span2. live now to the national press club where the detainee treatment task force is releasing its findings this morning after a two-year investigation. this is just getting under way. >> recognized experts in law, medicine and ethics. the group includes conservatives and liberals, republicans and democrats. and you can find her biographical information in the press kit and in the report itself. the constitution project is enormously grateful to the members of the task force for their diligence, dedication, time and courage. they all contribute a remarkable expertise and stake their considerable personal and professional reputation to produce this re
two senators, a democrat and a republican with major pro nra gun records. joe manchin, pat toomey, they've just drafted a news conference with their own proposal on how to deal with background checks for gun purchases. to treat my low testosterone, my doctor and i went with axiron, the only underarm low t treatment. axiron can restore t levels to normal in about 2 weeks in most men. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18 or men with prostate or breast cancer. women, especially those who are or who may become pregnant and children should avoid contact where axiron is applied as unexpected signs of puberty in children or changes in body hair or increased acne in women may occur. report these symptoms to your doctor. tell your doctor about all medical conditions and medications. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irr
to. [ screaming ] >> order in the senate! >> in the end, four democrats voted against the toomey/manchin bill that would have extended background check requirements to recover gun sales at gun shows and on the internet. majority leader harry reid also voted no so he could bring the bill to the floor at another time. four republicans broke party ranks to support the measure and there they are. but for president obama and family members of those killed in sandy hook, tucson and all over the country, the vote was incomprehensible. >> action by congress could have saved one person, one child, a few hundred, a few thousand. if it could have prevented those people from losing their lives to gun violence in the future while preserving our second amendment rights, we had an obligation to try! and this legislation met that test. and too many senators failed theirs. this was a pretty shameful day for washington. but this effort is not over. i want to make it clear to the american people, we can still bring about meaningful changes that reduce gun violence, so long as the american people don't give
family we do not infringe in anyway shape or form. >> michael: will manchin lose support for democrats with this kind of pandering? >> i think manchin understands the same thing that the rest of us understand. there is nothing wrong with talking common sense. manchin is not what you would put in the group of the strongest democrats that we have in that group. but manchin is doing what we all know, and that is if people really care about the second amendment. he's been something--he's being a big supporter of the second amendment. they realize if the fringe does not--if there is not some control over the fringe discussion about gun ownership in this country the cycle will turn. the demographics are changing. you have less people owning guns. you have this movement taking place in the country that man manchin's reflecting. that is common sense and we have to do something versus the nra moneyed fringe at some point becomes so arrogant, becomes so defiant that they actually end up harming people who don't believe in the second amendment and we see--we see harm to that. maybe not this year
publicly that she will vote on the bipartisan -- she calls the manchin toomey bill a reasonable approach. kristen, with a good sunday afternoon to you, what else did senator rubio say about the current gun control legislation that's working its way through the senator? >> reporter: alex, he was asked to field a number of questions about why he opposes it, why he opposes the background check measure. you hard him give part of his response, because he believes it doesn't keep wens out of the hands of criminals. he also believes this is a constitutional issue. the national rifle association says they have made their point that expanding background checks will de -- >> the second amendment is a constitutional right, i didn't write that into the conversation, that's in there, and time that you're going to do anything that inflicts on constitutional rights should be very, very high. if someone can produce a law that keeps guns out of the hands of criminals but protects the rights of law abiding citizens and don't infringe upon those rights, i would consider them. >> reporter: senator rubio's c
will ask our experts. joe manchin of west virginia, democrat, republican pat toomey of pennsylvania on the deal that nobody loves but enough people might embrace and one promising new face is all in. florida's marco rubio on whether he can coax fellow conservatives in to supporting immigration reform. i'm candy crowley. and this is state of union. secretary kerry met with japanese leaders and urged north korea to bring their nuclear rhetoric to a peaceful end. >> hopefully north korea will hear our words and recognize that for the future of its people and for the future stability in the region as well as on the peninsula itself there is a clear course of action that they are invited to take. >> joining me now arizona senator john mccain. senator, when you put this in context of the history of north korea with the grandfather kim jong-un, with the father of kim jong-un, can you tell me whether this is more serious, less serious? i mean, how do we view this? >> i think it's probably more serious because of their increased capability. but you're right, this has been going on for decade
will be the background check compromise from senators joe manchin and pat toomey. it's a bipartisan plan that has triggered new moment on capitol hill although the future is far from over. welcome to "morning joe." we have sam stein with us this morning. former director of the white house domestic policy council and ceo of melanie barnes solution. melanie barnes. and willie geist. mike barnicle. and the host of politics nation and president of the national action network, reverend al sharpton. good morning to you all. >> good morning. >> it really is a big day and you can't overstate the compromise and the power of the compromise that joe manchin and pat toomey have put together. here are two conservatives. manchin without a doubt the most conservative in the senate. pat toomey for my money' i've said it all along, one of the true conservatives in the u.s. senate from pennsylvania. it bears repeating. while the rest of the party jumped off the cliff when bush was president, toomey remained conservative and voted against a medicare drug benefit plain and he got elected in pennsylvania, a blue stat
. washington full of emotion on gun control. senator joe manchin with families from the newtown, connecticut school shooting. >> i'm a parent. >> the first lady talking to students about the tragic shooting of hadiya pendleton. and on capitol hill. >> victoria soto, age 27. >> william leroy burton jr. >> a vigil reading the names of victims of gun violence. later this morning we will see if a threatened filibuster will stop or slow down a vote on the gun bill. a more likely deal struck by joe manchin and republican pat toomey would expand background checks on gun shows and online sales. it includes easing restrictions on interstate gun sales. >> you can pass all the laws that you want and the criminal element is going to sit back and smile. >> background checks include broad polls and in washington it's still in limbo. more action on the national mall this time on gun control. we have shooting victims later this morning who are laying to lay out a memorial to people who have been killed in gun violence. their aim here is to get lawmakers not just about voting on these issues but to really fe
the senator remains optimistic. i see no reason to bet against senator manchin and anyone with concerns until the minute they vote. this is what we estimate here at nbc news. it will fall at least four to five votes short and it could lose more as democrats decide it's too great of a risk if it's not going to pass. attempts to make adjustments for rural states did not attract more support and will drop. that person hopes to take the votes on the assault weapons ban and high capacity ammunition first to make them an easier sdpep that will not happen. the expected failure will be there despite appeals. gabby giffords and democrats yesterday showing brought support. it will be despite the fact that this morning democrats remain optimistic. >> i think there is significant momentum. you should have heard our caucus today. it was as moving as any i have been to. we got the votes and certainly we only have the wind at our back. >> the background check compromise fails and it has become the gun related primary. they released an online ad pegged to the vote in attacking the president in new york mayor
put forth by joe manchin and pat toomey. the vote was 54 for, 46 against. it takes 60 votes to get a bill passed. president obama was joined afterwards by gabby giffords and families of newtown victims and delivered one passionate reaction to today's vote which roughly 40% of the american people believe in something, the senate failed to respond. >> all in all, this was a pretty shameful day for washington. but this effort is not over. >> 90% of the american people support extended background checks and they couldn't get it passed in the representative u.s. senate. >>> let's again with the latest on the investigation up in boston into those bombings. nbc analyst michael leiter was director of the national counterterrorism center and clint van zandt is a profiler. all of this is a key related, battery pack, circuit board, news about the pressure cooker. a piece of it discovered. so much physical evidence and then the picture taken by the video surveillance camera at lord & ta are lo, we've confirmed, it's a picture of someone putting down a black bag, some sort of shopping bag, and
joe manchin and senator mike mcdcaul. new evidence the syrian regime used chemical weapons against its own people. >> we he have to make the assessments deliberately. >> chris: we will discuss how you president obama should respond with the israeli ambassador to the u.s. plus -- >> i travel as a messenge messd bare wet necessary and not just speak out bu toolly become proactive. aidatress and u.n. adriano ambassador charleen. all on "fox news sunday." hello again from fox news in washington. as the investigation into the boston bombings unfolds there are new questions about the tsarnaev brothers. did they plan more terror' tacks? and did u.s. officials miss warning signs before the bombing? joining us to discuss the latest o on the case, congressn hoe homeland securityn of the committee and joe manchin a member of the senate armed services committee. welcome to "fox news sunday." >> thanks for have ising us, chris. >> chris: start with the breaking news. on saturday the fbi arrested this man, everett dusky of mississippi in connection with the mailing of letters containing the poison r
by senators pat toomey and joe manchin. senator chuck schumer agreed not to appear when the two rolled o out the deal, because toomey didn't want to stand next to them, for political reasons. senator mark kirk, also co-sponsor of the compromise also agreed not to appear. at the news conference, toomey and manchin said all parties, including the nra, had been in the room. >> i've got to tell you, candidly, i don't consider criminal background checks to be gun control. >> we've taken all sides into consideration. have the nra sitting there, all people on all sides of the gun issue. >> have the nra sitting there, which then confirms exactly what we've been hearing about what happened two nights ago. while it was clear from the outset the nra would not support the bill, the question was, would they oppose it? well, now we've got an answer. being at the table did not stop the nra from releasing this letter it sent to senators after dinner last night. "the nra is unequivocally opposed to s. 649. in addition, the nra will oppose any amendments offered to. 649 that restrict fundamental second amendm
, this afternoon senators joe manchin and pat toomey will send hours on the senate floor making themselves available for colleagues to ask questions about their amendment. >> pat and i will start on the floor tomorrow around 2:00, 2:30 and we'll talk about the bill and go through it line by line, section by section. every misnomer out there, every falsehood that we can talk about. >> maine senator susan collins became the latest republican to publicly support the background check compromise, describing the bill to nbc as this, quote, a responsible break-through from two people who have far better nra rankings than i have. collins is up for re-election and under attack from gun rights groups. on sunday senator john mccain all but endorsed manchin-toomey. >> i'm very favorably disposed towards that. 80% of the american people wanting to see a better background checks procedure. >> but according to an early whip count that our own casey hunt is putting together, right now we have 53 senators in support of manchin-toomey, 36 opposing and 11 unknowns. as it stands right now, the maximum support
check proposal before the senate, a measure crafted by senators toomey, manchin, kirk and schumer, achieves both goa goals. this bipartisan measure would keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals by requiring background checks for private gun sales at gun shows and over the internet. it strengthens existing instant check system by encouraging states to put all their criminal and mental health records into the national instant background check system, a step supported by gun rights groups. and it would establish a national commission on mass violence to study all causes of mass violence in our country, school safety, mental health, video games, whatever is appropriate should be looked into. mr. president, the legislation has the backing of the citizens committee for the right to keep and bear arms, has 650,000 members. the second largest guns rights group in the nation. and on this proposal, background checks, the national rifle association's not being very talkative. why, mr. president? because they've supported this measure in the path. and while they're not publicly supp
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the roll. >> yesterday senators joe manchin of west virginia and pat toomey of pennsylvania announced a bipartisan deal on extending background checks for firearms purchases. the agreement would expand the checks to cover all commercial sales including gun shows and internet sales. the senate will vote on whether to move forward with gun legislation later today. the news briefing has just under 20 minutes. >> good morning. i'm going to be coming up some peoples don't you. i hope i don't -- let me just a good one to all of you and i'm very, very proud to be here with my good friend, pat toomey, for my sister state of pennsylvania, west virginia, we're side to side and come from states that have deep-rooted cultures, as you know, and we feel very strong in the. i also want to give special thanks to two people who are not here today who have been invaluable to the process and have worked from the beginning, trying to find common ground, and that is senator chuck schumer, my good friend, and my dear friend mark kirk. mark has been with me from the beginning, and has never left, and chuck
the senate will vote on a compromised background check proposal crafted by senators manchin, toomey, kirk and schumer, all experienced legislators. i very much appreciate their principle stance on legislation supported by 90% of the american people. the american people overwhelmingly support this commonsense proposal which would close gaping loopholes in the law and keep guns out of the hands of bad people, criminals, and people with severe mental illness. what it would not do -- what it would not do, mr. president, is create a national registry of guns or gun owners. in fact, that's specifically outlawed in the legislation. i refer everyone to page 27 of the manchin-toomey compromise legislation. it not only bans a registry, but, mr. president, it creates a 15-year felony sentence for any government official found storing these gun records. so, please, start talking about points of the bill because it is absolutely false, untrue and it's unfair. claims that this legislation would create a gun registry is nothing more than shameful scare tactics. if any of my colleagues wish to vote again
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manchin. nothing big city about either of these guys. they don't care if you drink giant 16 ounce cokes. they don't want their kids being shot at by nuts waving semiautomatic assault rifles. the kind our soldiers use in afghanistan and on some other war fronts. pat toomey and joe manchin are now in the process as i said, maybe the posse will grow to the 60 senators we need to get the deal they struck the deal on, voted on. that's the idea. because without a vote in the senate, john boehner and the house will be sure to keep the house from voting on gun safety. so tonight let's find out if our democracy is going to have a chance of working. think about it. 92% of the country wants background checks. that means 92 senators out of 100 senators in that body should be ready to at least vote on the matter. senator john tesh is a democrat from montana. he joins us from the capitol. i want to show this first of all, senator. senators joe manchin and pat toomey are your colleagues. their proposal would close the gun show loophole. it would require background checks be performed on all commercial
remarks from pat toomey and joe manchin who are on the floor talking to colleagues. even taking questions, according to our reporters there and working to secure the need background check. just within the last 48 hours, senators who were undecided on how they would vote have been standing their ground, if you will, this morning. north carolina kay haguan, a red state democrat who had been on the fence said they will be a yes. saying, as a mother, there is nothing more important to me than protecting our children. but republican senator lindsey graham came out as a no saying it is not a solution to illegal gun violence. instead of expanding a broken back ground check system, let's fix it. and susan collins became the latest to back the bill and heidi is now refuting a new york time story that claims she will be a no. saying that she is right now undecided. that leaves seven senators, four democrats and three republicans who are still on the fence. and by the latest nbc count, it is six votes shy of passage to come today or tomorrow or wednesday. the vote is expected to be so tight that sen
on expanded background checks put forth by senators joe manchin of west virginia and pat toomey of pennsylvania. the vote was 54 for, 40 votes against. we'll bring you that as it happens. let's begin, however, with the latest on the investigation into the boston bombings. clint van zandt is a former fbi profiler. james cavanaugh is a retired atf, alcohol, tobacco and firearms special agent in charge. let me start with clint. i want to run through the evidence with you. we have now not a suspect, but there is a picture of someone putting down that bag. we know it involved a pressure cooker from yesterday and a circuit board. we know from today it involved a battery pack. where are we? what's it all add up to now as you see it, clint? >> number one, we've got a lot of good forensic evidence. i've had the good fortune to work with them before on cases. between the fbi and atf there's probably no better lab. as jim will tell you, when a bomb goes off, it may get blown to bits, but those are bits that we can recover. that his agency and the fbi can put together. they can understand t
who've read the bill know that. >> reporter: west virginia democrat joe manchin made a final, impassioned plea with his senate colleagues to support expanded background checks to would-be gun buyers at gun shows and online. >> i understand that some of our colleagues believe that supporting this piece of legislation is risky politics. i think there's a time in our life that's a defining time in public service. a time when you have the ability to stand when you know the facts are on your side and walk into the lion's den, and look that lion in the eye, and tell that lion, "listen, not today, not today." >> reporter: the proposal on background checks was put forward by manchin and pennsylvania republican pat toomey. it headlined a list of nine amendments to a broader gun control measure, being voted on today. they included provisions offered by democrats to ban assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines. and a republican-sponsored measure that says states must honor concealed firearm permits from other states. that amendment was authored by texas senator john cornyn
and down. in the future, the gun resolution rests in the hands of democrat joe manchin and republican pat toomey. they are working to reach a deal on background checks could replace the original wording in other legislation in an effort to gain more support from conservativ conservatives. according to "the new york times" and i'll i tell you what a lot of sources we all talked to last night, the potential amendment wouldn't require family members to trans -- in transferring guns to submit to these background checks and the measure would ensure that records would not be compiled into any national registry. has is a must for conservatives. that is a must for republicans and that is something that pat toomey and other republicans on the hill with going to get. they are set to hold a press conference this morning at 11:00 a.m. and recent polling shows roughly 90% of the americans support the expanded background checks. kelly, the outlines of the deal you've been hearing about doesn't require family members, neighbors, individual sales to have these background checks, but it closes two huge lo
further emotion in center joe manchin from west virginia asest hosting some of the newtown families as they made their rounds. here is joe manchin. >> what impact these families specifically. >> i'm a parent i'm a grandparent. i can't answer. i can do something. i can do something. >> michael: you know, manchin received an a-rating from the nra. he's someone who used guns in his political campaign ads. you see how this issue transcends even that when you sit down and you talk to the families as we the americans have heard from these families. it kind of changes the way you look at this issue. i invite tricia rose grace wyler and noah rothman talking about these issues. i'll ask you tricia, how important to the fact that we are now getting legislation--it may not be dream legislation it may be just a start, it may be just a tiny bet but getting the senate to vote on something. how important is the realization of this issue? >> i think it's the heart of the entire issue. unfortunately-- [ no audible ] >> my rights my freedoms as an individual american to possess all the guns in the un
the floor. senators joe manchin an dpat toomey announced done background checks expansion yesterday. -- and pat toomey. the senate will vote on whether to move forward with gun legislation later today. this is 18 minutes. >> good morning. i'm going to be covering up some people's phones here. i hope i don't -- let me just say good morning to all of you. i'm very, very proud to be here with my good friend, pat toomey, from my sister state of pennsylvania and west virginia we're side by side. we come from states that have deep-rooted cultures, as you know, and we believe very strongly in that. i also want to give special thanks to two people who weren't here today who have been invaluable to this process and have worked from the beginning trying to find common ground and that is senator chuck schumer, my good friend, mark kirk. mark has never left. chuck and his staff and all of them that worked so hard, i thank everybody. the staffs do yeomen's job. i also want to thank tom coburn. tom has been invaluable to the process. also coming from the culture we come from and have great input
manchin into me discuss the bipartisan agreement on gun background checks. senator's manchin and toomey announced their expanded that run check proposal. what do we know about it? >> guest: well it certainly created a lot of buzz in the senate which is interesting to watch. it comes from a proposal that was originally drafted by senator schumer from new york because it's not begin averse background checked. essentially what it is it mandates that round checks for gun purchasers at gun shows and over the internet but does not mandate a background check if i'm going to sell a gun to you just overall. >> host: what motivated senator's manchin and toomey a democrat and a republican to work together on this compromise >> guest: i don't have a number but you can look at the polling. essentially 90% of the public i think is the latest number that supports universal back round checks. it's something that senator toomey has a nay rating from the nra but it's the right thing to do. it has been the top part of the gun control movement agenda for years now and it's considered the one thing that cou
's joe manchin hammered the details out in the compromise last night. they plan to announce what they've come to at an 11:00 presser later this morning. >> we're going to be very -- very adamant about protecting those rights of law-abiding gun owners. with that being said gun show loop hom loopholes will be closed hopefully. >> the deal expands background checks to cover all sales at gun shows and online. it contains significant exceptions for family transfers and a few other circumstances. devil is always in the details. sources close to the negotiations say the senators have circulated their proposal to the nra. the nra has yet to comment on the compromise. it's highly unlikely they would support it, but they could elect not to oppose the bill. in other words, they won't include it in their ratings of lawmakers. by the way, both toomey and manchin have "a" ratings from the nra. >>> this is where the filibuster could come in. we know three senate republicans, ted cruz, rand paul and mike lee are still planning to filibuster and keep the debate from beginning. as of tuesday night they
and manchin on the idea of background checks to expand them to gun sales and internet deals. that is not part of existing law. that will close the gun show loophole. it is watered down to what gun control advocates wanted after the shooting in newtown, connecticut. but as one democratic senator told me, let's not let the perfect get in the way of good. senator manchin, who has an nra rating, expressed the importance of bipartisan legislation. >> today's agreement is the first step in common ground that all of us agree is crucial. keeping guns out of dangerous hands and keeping our children safe. >> i don't consider background checks to be gun control. i think it is just common sense. if you pass a criminal background check, you you get to buy a gun. it's no problem. it is the people who fail a criminal or mental health background check that we don't want having guns. >> now, moving forward, ari, senator harry reid put the bill to the floor and it should be up for tomorrow. as far as when the actual vote on that, toomey/manchin amendment will occur, it is unclear because there may still be a f
-called bipartisan compromise from senators joe manchin and pat toomey that expands universals background checks to gun shows and internet sales, but this amendment already is being met with stark opposition, because earlier, prior to the vote, senators mike paul and ted cruz released a joint statement including that the "it is expected that the toomey/manchin provision will replace the current language regarding background check, yet as of this morning not a single senator has been provided the legislative language of this provision, because the background check measure is a centerpiece of this legislation, it is critical that we know what is in to vote on it. that makes sense to me. how are you? >> i'm fine. how are you? i was on line trying to find the language. i thought this was so strange. this is a bill everyone is talking about, and we can't find the toomey/manchin compromise. >> sean: what bothers me most you, you look at aurora, newtown, there's nothing proposed here, not a single thing that would have prevented the tragedy. >> right. >> sean: i have a solution. i would put retired mil
here? late yesterday, manchin and toomey released the actual legislative text of their background check bill, which will end up looking like an amendment, technically. on tuesday, the senate will vote on whether to move the manchin/toomey amendment forward. they're expected to hit the 60-vote threshold with a vote on the substance of the background check deal expected on thursday. that just needs a simple majority to pass once you get passed the 60 threshold. and next week, former congresswoman gabby giffords and her husband, mark kelly, will lobby senators who might be on the fence about the bill. kelly has voiced robo calls congratulating toomey and manchin for their efforts. >> i'm calling to thank your senator, pat toomey, for working across party lines. >> those robo calls are going to over 185,000 households. voters in suburban philadelphia, chester, bucks county will hear about toomey's efforts. giffords will be at the capitol on tuesday with mark kelly to dedicate a room in honor of gabe zimmerman. that's the giffords' aide that was killed in the tucson shooting that injured her
to count votes on the manchin/toomey background check compromise. >>> and the republican-controlled house of representatives. >> is this bill what we wanted? no, no, is it what the nra wanted? no. but does it at least help in some small way? >> no. probably not. it doesn't. >> good day, i'm chris cillizza, live in washington, where the next step for gun legislation is a senate numbers game. nbc news political unit has confirmed that the majority support for the background check amendment that will be offered by toomey and manchin. but the bill is still short of the 60 votes it would need to be added to the larger package. joining me for our daily fix, is nbc capitol hill correspondent, kelly o'donnell. kelly o, give us the timing. this is the first amendment that will be offered. give us some sense of the timing of it and where this sort of head) >> yes you need a spread sheet or a calculator today to keep things going. what we expect is when the senate is back at 2:00, they may spend part of the afternoon talking about some of the substantive issues within the bill. you'll be seeing sena
of the background check amendment didn't try. hours earlier senator joe manchin of west virginia took to the senate floor with his nra card in hand and pleaded with his colleagues to reject the nra's misinformation and fearmongering about supposed criminalization of private transfers of guns. >> where i come from in west virginia, i don't know how to put the words any plainer than this. that is a lie. that is simply a lie. and anybody that can read knows that's not factual. >> the nra, however, seems to have successfully clouded the debate thanks in part to demonostra bli false ads like this one which suggest police officers don't like background checks. also in part to republican and even a few democratic senators who've been willing to carry the nra's water. >> if you decide you want to sell your shotgun and you put an advertisement in craigslist, under that bill, before you can do so, you have to go through the federal government background check. >> really, senator cruz? what's your fear? that's your fear? strang strangers won't have the right to sell guns to strangers on craigslist? amazing. j
than to use the 30 hours and hold a vote on the motion to proceed. senator reid said the first manchin- will be been toomey background check compromise. cloture vote on whether or not to proceed on the debate on the gun bill. toomey-manchin bill, particularly on background checks, here are some highlights of that bill. manchin and pat -- would bills ays, require states and the federal government to send all this is our records on criminals and the violently mentally ill to the national instant criminal background check system. the bill extends the existing background check system to gun shows and online sales. it is a felony for any person who refuses or illegally retained firearms records. part one of this bill is getting all of the names of prohibit purchasers into the background check system. this includes clarifying that submissions of mental health records into the system are not prohibited by federal privacy law. requiring background checks for firearm sales. this section requires that context for sales at gun shows and online while requiring aspects of second amendment rights fo
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